Friday, March 11, 2011

mwolfe photoshop coloring part 2

Here is a more colored version of my drawing.

Mwolfe photoshop coloring part 2

And here is my final colored illustration. A fire caused by plague riots.

Mwolfe photoshop coloring final


  1. Hey! Your scanned drawing is sweeeet.
    I know it's not finished, but don't be afraid to go over your lines! I can't wait to see those buildings have some colour in them. Even if it's just minimal amounts of colour.

  2. I like the way you used color to add the fire into this. The buildings could benefit from some digital coloring as well -- even just some solid colors set to multiply to help separate each building from the other and provide more of a transition between the color and black and white. I like the mood that you captured.

  3. Heeey!
    I'm really enjoying the perspective you are putting into this. It has a wonderful feel to it.
    I really like how you added a lot of the paper smudges into your piece. I'm sorry photoshop crashed on you. It would be fun if you took the screenshot of when it crashed and used it in a piece sometime.
    As for finishing it I would defiantly try to play with the idea of line weight, add a little bit of thickness to make the foreground seem more grounded.

  4. You always do a really nice drawing with your value studies. I love the way you're adding some severe shadows to this piece! I also like the attention to detail that you're putting in each building (the bricks look really nice). I think that the added color is definitely looking good! Be even bolder with it! You're already really good at working with black and white, so maybe really push the color on the buildings and bring some reflective light from the fire into them? Maybe some of the bricks can glow around the edges with a similar color to the fire. I also like how you're starting to add brown into the buildings, keep going! Your choice to focus on a landscape is really cool, great consideration of the topic!