Thursday, March 10, 2011

Helgesen- Assignment #6

This is my Original sketch. I disliked the peasants I drew, so I excluded them from my final illustration.
Fun flea variations.
Fun variation.
This is my final plague illustration. I created a repetition of rats and a scattered brush in the background to create a sense of filth and disease of the Bubonic Plague. 


  1. Maybe draw more rats, the repeated rat one looks like the same rat is being copy and pasted multiple times, it's a little dry... Same for the fleas. A lot of different elements would help.

  2. I like the idea that you're repeating the rats / fleas as a pattern. It is an interesting idea! It could be really neat for you to change up the colors of the rats by creating a subtle variation in the tone of their fur? Maybe you could even add a couple highlights and make them greasy, or diseased! I think that the green is a really good choice for the background too, it seems to look really foggy, or toxic. I like how you're playing around with opacity of the rats, but it could be really neat if they were just piled on top of eachother (with the color variation being the thing that sets them apart!)

    I would also love to see how you use variation in your pencil drawing! It would be great to see how you use the value drawing to make certain shadows and textures.

  3. I think the final piece would feel tighter if you really pushed the idea of pattern like we did in the previous pattern assignment. Either go full blown pattern or work out a scene/page design.
    I like the colors you are working with and your characters are well designed, just tweak the composition a bit

  4. I really like your colors and how they portray filth/disease. I wish you had drawn a couple more rats so the pattern wasn't so repetitive -- or even just did a pattern where the rats and fleas are mixed together? Otherwise it's really awesome :]

  5. I really do like the concept of a million icky rats running around. The colors work really well too! That kind of yellow green always can add a good gross factor to it.
    Maybe though if you did work it like a pattern if you wanted them to be repeating. Also the center part seems to be empty. Maybe if you had a larger object? Or filled it up with smaller ones?

  6. I think you need to make some patterns out of rats and fleas. The one rat that's on his back haunches is so freaking hilarious.

    If you made these into pillows, I would buy them.
    That being said, I dig the color, and the textures. I also think your layering of the images is really smart.

  7. I like that you didn't make the one rat that's different stand out in any particular way; it takes a second to notice him, and I think it's interesting that way. It's like he's hiding. I would like to see the textures taken a bit farther with something scratchier or grainier.

  8. I like your mice and fleas a lot. They are stylized, but I can still tell exactly what they are. They are also very appealing to look at. One thing I think you could do to add to the plague thing would be to maybe take away from the clean feeling that the mice and fleas have and maybe have more of a rotting feeling to them. Though, overall, I really like the piece, especially the way that the fleas were done.

  9. Your illustration strikes fear in my heart. Good job. O__O Maybe experimenting with different colored mice/fleas a little bit more to help make some appear father back/forward more dramatically in addition to size variations. But it's looking great! reminds me of a pattern....that you would give to wrap a gag gift to someone you hate. haha I feel like this illustration may be the most plague-y of them all! Awesome!