Friday, March 11, 2011


I realized after I had finished that I hadn't taken any in process  shots...So I threw up the original drawing. I think I'll post another final later with a gradient. I couldn't figure it out, so after I consult my classmates, there may be another image. 
I used basically the paint brush and layer mask.


  1. I actually really like the coloured process image you have here more than the final image...I miss some of the colour and vibrance that you have in the process. It gets a little dark in the final image...

    That is a beauuuutiful hand.

  2. You have beautiful beginning sketch and a beautiful final image. Your painting technique is fantastic as well. It looks like a legit process and not just cheesy computer coloring style. I also appreciate the colors you're using. They have good contrast with each other and really pop and aren't the colors I would expect someone to use. It's a welcome change from the norm. THUUUUMMMBBBS UP!

  3. I like how you kept your sketch and inverted it and created different layers to color the hands. I feel that your process image is more the final image than the one you posted as your final because it is much brighter than the final.