Friday, March 11, 2011

Mallory Heyer- plague

line drawing
in process.
Final work with shading, highlights, and tones adjusted.



  1. The cutest plague picture I have ever seen. I'm glad you kept your linework in the hair, and I think it works really well with the lines behind and around the girl. I like the second process shot the best, actually. I like the brown better than the heavy black in your final...

  2. I really like this. I feel like you took the time to find out some information about the history of a certain plague. It's very whimsical but at the same time a little creepy, because its a dead girl. But it's subtle too. I way dig the textures you used and the swirlyness of the hair as well as the original line art. Also, I think you have a strong color palette. And I think I agree with Linda in that I like the Brown in the background a little better than the black.

  3. Her hair is sooooo coool. She looks gross and bloated and dead, eww. The color is really nice but I think either the background green should be the same as her or a little more different.

  4. I love your concept here, our childhood was a lie!!
    The colors are working great together, very old-timey, dead, gross, yet kind of pretty! You're line work really pops by using the coloring technique we learned. Also your subtle shading in her face adds a subtle sense of depth/volume.

  5. I seriously had "ring around a Rosie" in my head while looking at this. *shudder*
    I really like the composition and the color. As Alyssa said above the colors give it this deathy yet childhood feel to it.
    Your line work is really good yet maybe if you darkened it ever so slightly in some places? It would give it a tiny bit more depth.

  6. I like the whole composition overall because of the frame type thing and border around it. The linework is really interesting and I'm glad you used colors other than black for it. :) It gives it some dimension. The textures you added on the face are really effective because it makes her look grungy and plague-y and stuff.

    It's a cool concept. I see it as a photo of someone's little girl holding her pet, yet it's creepier because it's plague-y.

  7. This really reminds me of the post-mortem photography that they used to do in the 1800s. It has this really innocent look about it, but it's also really creepy. I like how you're focusing on this small almost photographic set-up as well. Very straight forward.

    I really like your color choices - they're ice-creamy, yet sickly, I think you could probably play with adding some darker tones into some of the shadow aspects, maybe to pop some of her limbs, or clothing folds out a little. I like how your'e playing with texture in her hair with your pencil drawing as well and think that maybe the background line work on green could possibly change to a green variation as well, so it merges more!
    Maybe also smooth out the line around her cameo- it seems a little jagged, but that also seems like a really easy thing to fix. Super cute and super creepy. :)

  8. I really like the line work your created and how you inverted it. As well as the color palette you choose. The color in the oval really brings the dead looking girl to life. I feel that your process image is more your final illustration; the final seems much darker.

  9. lol this is cute in a creepy way :) i really like the concept of this piece. I think there could be more dark tones it all feels a little light but I think you line work is great not using the black line in some areas is great!!