Friday, March 11, 2011

Goat Plague....yo

Sketch with a few colors
Skin tones and texture on horns

Texture in background

Detail shot


  1. This is really beautiful.. Your use of Photoshop feels very natural; I wouldn't have guessed you'd used it at all. Especially the texture additions in the background seem to fit well, and they make the image more dynamic.
    My only critique is that the bottom of her stomach kind of distracts me, like the muscle is too defined. Maybe it could fade out a little towards the bottom?

  2. I really like the way you used the sharpness of the line on the skull to give it more focus. I also like the gestural style that you gave the entire piece and the way that it gives a more emotive feeling to it. One thing that I think could be improved would be to add a little more dimensionality to the right side of the piece (the left side of the figure). Overall, though, I think it is a very effective piece and I especially like the fact that you used a colored background instead of a blank white.

  3. Overall this is a totally sweet drawing. The way you used Photoshop to color is really nice and subtle. I think one of my favorite parts is the hint of color on the lips. The texture you added in the bg is really effective-- I didn't know it wasn't originally there until I went back and looked. :) The one really little thing that I notice is that the outline of the skull is pretty hard compared to the overall drawing. If that outline was a bit sketchier, I think that it would complete it.

  4. I love this. Our plague guys should hang out. I think a vignette would be pretty cool for this and make it a bit darker. The texture is really nice, it reminds me of an old da Vinci drawing.

  5. This. Is. Awesome. I love the pose and how the arm swinging backward has turned into a hoof. You really made me feel for this person in through your sketch. That looks like one hell of a nasty plague. Makes me so glad I don't have it.
    I also think you used photoshop appropriately for coloring. It doesn't look over done and not under done. Great job getting viewers to feel for the character in your drawing! That takes skills. Also, fantastic anatomy. Keep it up!

  6. this is really dope. it doesnt even seem like a photoshopped image which im really envious of lol i would say to play with the lights and dark tones more. Her body is really dark in comparison to the mask maybe addin lights and dark highlights in both areas would look cool. Overall great job!!

  7. This is pretty good. I don't really get plague from it though. It is more like a cult thing to me, but evil is evil so you win. Some backsgrounds woulds be nice. I realize the figure is supposed to be the main focus but it seems like there could be a little bit more compassionately. I also really like the texture that you have going on on the hair.

  8. I really like the human quality to this drawing. I especially appreciate your subtle color choices and that you started with a colored ground. It's great how you're pulling the lights and shadows off of the mid-tone like that. I also like how you are integrating a graphite-y texture as your colored elements. It really helps to bring the whole thing together.

    I think you could maybe even add some subtle color coming from under her arm and to her side on the right - to make her skin color (the paper color) pop out a little. Sort - of play with the positives/ negative space. The only other thing I see is that her hoof hand is a little strange? It seems to stop just a little too short or something? Maybe giving her one more joint (look at a goat's leg and see what their wrists look like?) This looks awesome.