Friday, March 18, 2011

Megan Leitschuh- photo/drawing

^Original image with rough sketch. I used the clone brush tool to create more rocks where the bow is lying. Also used the lasso tool and feathering to create more fog.
^Painted deer and body with round brush tool.

^Added in clothes and started to paint some foliage over by the deer.

^Close ups- click to see them bigger! You can really see the grain filters I used.

^Softened the rocks she's lying on by painting a little over them. Added glow around bow and arrow. Used lasso tool again to make more fog. Adjustment masks used: vibrance, brightness/contrast, hue/saturation to alter color of water and distant foliage and to make the colors less bright.

History: This is my interpretation of Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt, nature, and a bunch of other things. This scene is based off of the story where she is capturing one of the deer to pull her chariot.


  1. Hey!

    This looks awesome, you picked a nice photo and the figure is rendered super well.

    I'd say the cliff type thing that the deer is on needs to be pushed back a bit to emphasize the distance...maybe soften that guy up a bit.

    Cool. :D

  2. I like that cloud you put between the cliffs, it really makes it seem more precarious. Also the transparent material on the lady is really nice. Something about the way you did the cast shadow makes it look like she's floating above the surface rather than on it. maybe take down the opacity a notch.

  3. You really had a lot of nice progress with this drawing, the figure is graphic enough to mesh well with the photograph, I think you did a splendid job, It wouldve been sweet had you been able to combine the deer into the shot, i think if you leave it out it would make sense to also get rid of the bow as that seems irrelevant without the deer.

  4. wow your illustration works so well with your photograph! That fog you did is really cool, and I like how you have to sort of challenge yourself to find the deer for a second, just like she must be. Although, I'm sure that large, it's even easier to instantly find. Good work!

  5. Your original image is a great choice for this project! It seems like you really used it for a great compositional set-up. I like that you're also integrating some digital aspects in the whole piece rather than just the characters! that's a great touch - especially the extra mist. I think it seems really together. I would maybe also see if you could add a cloth texture to the outfit? Maybe the texture could be semi-real so that it melds with the photo textures a little more? I like how you're working with lighting, too - the glows off of the bow are really nice.

  6. I think that your image and drawing work really well together. The whole atmosphere of the photo works really well with this type of theme for a drawing. I also like the sense of movement that you get with the character. It makes the drawing feel like its about to come alive. One thing, though, that I think you could improve on would be to make the animal in the distance a little larger/more detailed. Right now it's hard to tell what it is. Though, overall, I really like this piece a lot. Especially the fog that you added to the piece.

  7. the photo is set up so well for your image! i really enjoy your attention to the glows and fog both of these elements are very effective.