Friday, March 11, 2011


Here's my pencils. I used myself for a reference, it shows...

Flat colors.

With shading.

Detail of face. That's a ridiculous angle to draw. I think I did alright.

Here's the final. The texture is my hair! It's the 4th Horseman of the apocalypse, Plague/Death on a pale horse.


  1. Awesome hair texture!! I think it does a sweet job of creating smoke.

    I also like the angle that you have going, but maybe it could be a little more apparent with the horse's head? The guy's hand is pretty sweet.

    The background is pretty flat and I think that adding a low opacity image of buildings, trees, etc. would help give it a space to exist in.

  2. Ha you're hair is so awesome. I like how you and the horse seem so skelital and dead, but are still covered in flesh. I agree with adding just a bit more suggestion of hte background, or maybe bring in another color like black to the background to make it more dramatic. NIIICE job BOIII

  3. I love the addition of color and texture, it helps make the image so much more interesting than it would have been on a white background.
    I think a little bit more attention could have been paid to the anatomy of both the guy and the horse.. Or, if you didn't want realistic proportions, maybe you need to exaggerate them even more to drive that point home?
    But it looks like you're comfortable with Photoshop and I like your color choices a lot.

  4. I still love that you used your hair in this, and the fact that the horsemen really looks like you.
    Your color palette is really good. The coolness of the horse plays with the other warm colors nicely.
    It seems like there is a little bit of too much negative space though. Maybe if you cropped the bottom somehow without cutting the horses leg off too much?

  5. lol this image is pretty sweet and just as everyone else i really enjoy your hair texture! the only thing im gonna say is the dudes knee kinda bothers me, I think its a little brighter than the dudes face so maybe a little color change or some pants :) lol idk that is just me tho

  6. I really like your sketch and line work in this plus the idea of using your own hair as a texture is soooo awesome. You may want to look at adding some contrasting colors to the piece. This might help it look more dramatic. What if the hair texture was dark red / yellow ? Or the rider had some kind of sinister shadow around him?

  7. I love the hair texture! it almost looks like dust is being stirred or some smoke. You're dude is scary, I feel like he could sweep my goat lady right off her feet ;) I would like to see some different colored background just to see what happens to the mood. Maybe a dark blue/green? I dunno...
    I think I'd also like to see the figure taking up more of the canvas, that angle calls for drama!

  8. I love how you've used super bright lighting on your face! I think that really adds that creepy-flashlight-under-the-face feeling to your piece! I think it would be cool to see what a subtley different pants color might be? It seems really close to his skin color, but maybe just desaturating it would help? I think the drawing in the beginning is really nice as well - the detail in the horse is really nice and I could see you blending out the bottom of the scene a little more so that it's super ghost-like / misty!