Friday, April 29, 2011

thyra's final - first image

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  1. Hey I'm really happy that you got to post this!
    I am excited that youve been able to work with this even though you've been having all the computer issues!!! I love the way you're rendering your character! you have made HUGE strides with digital since the beginning and painter looks like an awesome program for you!!!
    I know we just talked about this, but I really think this is a great medium for you, so please keep on doing it!

    I love how you've begun with the scene, too - I think you could probably add a couple more trees, maybe some dead leaves or dirt and debris on the forest floor, too - so it could seem messy and like it has some left over bits of nature. Mabye even trying a texture down there that would make it look rough in comparison to the water??
    I love the tone of the sky, too - maybe some of that purple could be reflected onto the woman's dress or the edge of her hair?

    Thyra, it's been great having you in my class! I love that we were able to talk about how our projects from both Products and Digital can overlap and I am so happy that we got you working with everything from Illustrator, to painter! ;)
    I hope I get to see you this summer for patterns! It would be really fun and I know you'd love it!
    Take care and keep me posted on how you're doing!!! I'd love to hear what you're working on this summer! ;)