Friday, February 25, 2011

thelgesen - Assignment #5

I used inner and outer glow effects, gradients, multiply, etc.


  1. I'm glad you went to the extra step of adding a background for this -- it gives the piece a way different (and better) feel than seeing it on a white background.
    I also like how the drop shadows (especially on the animal) make it look like cut paper or something, separate blocks of flat color.

    I think your colors look a little better and more vibrant in the earlier versions -- I'm not sure if you changed them or if it's the tone of the background that dulls them down, but I liked the saturation of the teal and pink early on, maybe you could bring that back?

  2. The creature you created is so interesting! I like how there is a family of them in your final version. I would play with your placement of the largest animal in your final image, It seems to be cropped off at a strange spot. Since the animal and woman riding it are the main focas, I'd play with adding something even closer to the foreground to bring the space to life even more. I do appreciate how you brought in more creatures and distant sand mountain things.

  3. Your creatures are certainly interesting! I see that you're using some drop shadows (or is it outer glow) on the legs and I think that those would do the work for the outlines on the legs and you wouldn't need them. I think adding a drop shadow to the feet would help ground the creatures because their feet look at little flat compared to the shadows on the legs. You have a lot of nice detail on the girl, but I think the creatures need some more-- maybe a few textures would help?

  4. +: you're getting some really great detail in the girl! I love how you're developing shapes in her face and hair. It seems like that portion is really rendered so that we can appreciate all of the spaces you're creating as well as the subtle variations in color.
    It would be cool to see how you could add this into your creatures and the background? Maybe create a digital texture?

    -: it would be neat to see how you could use the glow effect around the creature a little differently. It seems that he's glowing, but out of a strange place? Maybe you could use the drop shadow effect to create some grounding elements for him? It could also be neat for you to add some other textural elements into the ground.
    I love the idea of a fanciful landscape - maybe you could make it more specific by adding pieces that could help explain where they are a little more?

  5. I don't really understand how you're using glow. You definitely understand how to use it though. There's a context for the characters which is really nice. I can tell you put a lot of thought into the character design.