Friday, October 28, 2011

Alli messamer: plague

screen shot 3

screen shot 2

screen shot 1
up close

final image

I colored the lines on the trees, ground, and bugs. I also added texture to the ground and sky to give the picture more depth.


  1. I really like the patterning you got in the background, the shadows, and the huge bugs!

    I would look at the way you use the gradient tool. I think you can get a nice change in lighting another way. also I would love to see the line work as a different color. See how that changes the image.

  2. I love how you're playing with textures in this one. You're doing a great job integrating all sorts of elements and making the whole piece look like it's together! I think that it would be awesome for you to try being really bold with color on some of the linework -- like maybe some of the grasshoppers had tonal, linework that was similar in color to the tone of their bodies? Maybe the trees could also have a similar thing going on? I think the black gets so heavy that it kind of flattens out some of the pieces in here, but it's definitely a quick fix! Try just using some color there and see what happens!! I bet it would pop those really awesome details out! I really like how yo'ure playing with the lighting in here, too!

  3. I like everything in the mid-foreground, but I think the sky could use a little work. The combination of a flat texture and the shallow drop shadow (from the squiggly lines) makes the whole sky feel really flat. Also, the sun is the only element that uses an obvious gradient and is kindof a misfit.