Friday, October 7, 2011

Bobby Rogers: Fall Engineering

There is also black in here! 


  1. I really like this design, and I think the color choice is really great.

    I can't tell what this is for exactly, I really got the only hint from your title.

    Other than that I think it looks good. It'd be nice to see a tiled version of both patterns though

  2. I like the colors and the design. However, I'm not really getting the "fall" vibe. I think a more appropriate theme for this is geometry.

  3. The design is really cool, but you should put 4 of them together, it would be easier for us to see if you have any problems in ur patterns.

  4. Totally sweet pattern I like the color choices and the balance.

    What is this pattern for? a season? a birthday?

  5. cool design! i love it. i think that maybe you could add some little lines or smaller designs in the empty space to make it more interesting. i lke how simple the other pattern is, it totally works.
    good job bobby b!

  6. The various line weights in this piece create good visual depth. Some bits look close while others seem more distant. The reserved color and geometric shapes emit a more serious or technical tone, not too childish. I also like that the only circles in the pattern are lightened and in the background. They would otherwise be an anomaly among your other shapes, but they instead behave as a subtle contrast.

  7. I love your focus on color where you use it. I think your palette does say fall - mostly because of the navy, cream and magenta. I like the combination of linework variations in this, the large box shapes are nice in contrast to the thicker triangle pieces. The only place on your main pattern I see striping is where i see the large circles making a vertical line down your pattern. I think you could fix this by moving one of those circles to the side - either way - so that it's not all in a straight line. Either that, or maybe it would be good for you to add another dot in the section where there isn't one (I like the first idea better).
    The coordinate pattern is interesting as a placed graphic, but I'm not sure how you're wanting it to repeat? It might be nice for you to create a 4-up section of that one, so we can see what you want it to do?

    Right now, It's going to make a large blue stripe with the vertical blue lines - if it continues. Maybe that's what you're going for?
    Also - is that the scale that it is supposed to be at in relation to the main pattern? Or would it be smaller in real life. Can you repost that one 4-up so I can see it?

    Nice job on this. This could be a pattern for some really cool fabric.