Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sam Aburime: 'Come Back When You Can'

Castiel- Come Back When You Can

I wanted to do a lot with this one and really push myself.
I cleaned up my linework, and also made it softer and darker by adding another layer with my lineart and then 'Surface Blur'ing it. I started with a toned background and continued adding bit by but of color. I had at least forty layers, and I played around a LOT with transparency and layer effects, utilizing the color changes they offered.

I added three different types of textures to give a more painterly feel and the smoke/ink
I also downloaded sets of free brushes which I also made use of to have a painted and textured effect.

***For a full description of what this means and how in-depth I wanted to be with this please read that here: ***

WIP and Detail Shot:
WIP_cas_Screen shot WIP_cas_Screen shot
WIP_cas_Screen shot


  1. I think you've done a great job on this piece - your linework is nicely integrated into your final drawing and the way that you're combining the digital pieces merges really nicely with your digital pieces. I particularly like how you're adding some textures back into your piece -whether it's brushes or other scanned pieces. It really helps unify your piece. One thing I also like about this is that you're using a warmer tone on his body to bring him out from the background< it's subtle, but I really think it's working!
    One thing I think you could do to make this even better is to look at he water texture and add some hot highlights back into it, so he looks like he's really getting wet. I think you could do it in a couple subtle places -- just where it matters - like around the bottom of him where he touches the water and maybe on his skin in a coule places where the water might have splashed him, I think that would give the water a really nice different effect from some of the textures youer' using in his skin! Great job on this, though. Super moody and atmospheric!

  2. Woah....pretty epic texture there. I also like how moody the piece is!

  3. This is super nice. I love the shadows and the balance of light and dark, the bits of reflection... And the textures! They are all super great! I love how atmospheric this is and that weird vanishing right arm!

  4. I really enjoy all the little nuances you created in the atmosphere around him, especially in the water. the color pallet is limited nicely, but is still rich.

  5. The color in this is awesome, the color in the water is so well rendered. I think you can push the depth of your background a teeny bit more to make him feel more isolated. Also, I would like if the wing wasn't as transparent.