Thursday, October 6, 2011

Alli's Patterns

pattern 3

snowflake pattern

pink fish pattern

Screen shot pattern 2

Screen shot pattern 1
The top one is my main pattern and the second one is my secondary pattern. The third one is another secondary that I really liked so I am posting it just for fun. The last two are screen shots I took while I was making the patterns.


  1. I think the top pattern is really cute!

    I think you could space the pantone squares better, like in two rows at least to save space. Also you can duplicate the square size by clicking and dragging while holding 'option'

    I think the little fish pattern is a great accompanying pattern .
    Spacing looks great and I like your colors

    Is this a Christmas theme too? Or just winter?

  2. These are all really cute!

    I feel like on the fish one, the background should maybe be a little darker so the fish pop just a bit more.

  3. I really love the third fish bone one. It would be nice to see a variety of sizes in each of these. Or one of these to set it apart from the rest.

  4. These are awesome. you did such a great job with the spacing and the color - it is so nice to see these coordinates! I love how you're complimenting the penguin pattern with the snowflake and the fish! each pattern has it's own personality, but they're definitely tied together by the color palette! I love the bubble texture in your character pattern and i'm really happy that you're using bubbles that are of a lesser opacity. I think that really helps a lot. I could see you taking it down another notch to really make the penguins pop out even more to see what happens! It seems that some of hte fish might get lost a little, but it only seems to happen when a fish is on top of a particularly light bubble. Your color spacing is great as well - you have a good handle on keeping the texture of the pattern flowing throughout the whole piece and I do not focus on the individual repeat.

    I think the same thing is true with the flakes and the fish! II was going to note that I'd love to see another version of the penguin by itself with no bubbles, but you have it! I think that one is really nice to see as well, as It's just a little more simplified! All of these could make fantastic fabric / pajama / kids bedding patterns! I love them! You should really consider doing more of this in the future! (Definitely find a way to work more patterns into your work - these are looking great!)

  5. I think any of these - including the polkadots - could be great patterns! To be honest, though, the top one sort of hurts my eyes to look at. Also, using transparency makes new colors and I think (I'm not completely certain) that those may count as additional colors, which would mean you're going over the limit? I'm not certain....

  6. I think you've got a bunch of cute icons, and fun ideas, but they all feel a bit chaotic to me. Perhaps if you varied the size of icons so there were some larger ones mixed in with the smaller pieces, or simplified/toned down some of the colors? The dots work wonderfully as coordinates, but the first two (I think those were intended to be coordinates as well?) seem more like main patterns to me. Though, I think if you took out one or two colors to help tone it down, they'd work wonderfully.