Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kelsey Dusenka: Mr. Jack-O-Lantern

mr. jack-o-lantern

I'm kind of stuck on halloween, and couldn't think of anything to do but a classic carved pumpkin.
the grooves in the pumpkin proved to be a bit more difficult than I thought, but I think he turned out all right. (:

I used:
gradient mesh
outer glow


  1. I /love/ this Kelsey! :)
    I really like the soft feeling I get from this, and I think the contrast of the warm and cools is great. I love the lighting on the pumpkin!

    It seems so soft. Like I could pet it.
    Cute design too :D

  2. cuuuuuute. I can see how you made the glow of the inner pumpkin. I feel like maybe the highlight underneath the pumpkin could be inversed, so that the glow is actually the shadow.

  3. First of all wow! The way you used gradient mash looks very nice. Im guessing you did that on the pumpkin. It is a very simple composition and you did a nice job on all the pieces that are there.

    Maybe for a next step you could use some different textures or something?

    It looks good as is though too!

  4. the way that you're doing the edges of the pumpkin are awesome - i love that the look like a piece of paper that has been creased where the folds are. I think the way you're handling the color on this piece is really nice, too - it shows that you've got a great handle on color theory - as you're doing a great job with the way you're adding the blues / oranges.

    the way that you've got the hot orange edges of the cut part of the pumpkin looks great as well - as it really helps draw you in to the glow. the contrast is really nice.

    I could see you adding texture to the ground so it looks like the pumpkin is either in the grass, or on a driveway... or something? right now it's kind of non-descript, but if you add a texture or a bitmap or something, it could have a lot of personality. The sky looks great with the gradient and small stars. very atmospheric. Love your use of gradients and glows on this piece . It's really nice and very fitting of the theme. Great job.