Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sherri Taray - Searching


Original sketch.


I started out by making my background a dark tealy color and changing my line colors to establish my lighting. From there, I messed with different brushes and various colors in the face, mask, and hair, changing the linework to suit the colors I was placing under it.


I made another layer for the clothes and skin, darkening the linework and burning the colors as I moved down. A new layer was made for the background, the colors getting less saturated as they gain distance.


I finished the picture by adjusting the levels and curves, as well as desaturating the background a bit more. Ta da!



  1. I actually really like where you're bringing that radio-active purple linework into this piece. I think it's something that you could use even more! Where it shows up in the dress of your character ,and in her arms is really nice -it's almost like a reflective light. I'd totally push it more and bring it out in other areas like the mask. One place in particular that could be cool is if there was a night purple light that comes from beneath the mask =-= in the front area, as it gets super dark there. You've done a great job making this piece feel like it's taking place in a desolate wasteland. the color palette really helps the mood. One last thought is that you could bring in a fun imported texture - like if you did some charcoal and overlayed that textural piece on the sandy dunes. That could also help your character's texture stand out against the roughness of the background! I also like how the little girl starts fading into the ground -everything feels really intentionally hazy - like there's that toxic atmosphere in here!

  2. I love your color choices (especially the masks) and how saturated / rich they are, but yet I still get the feeling of decay. I just wish there were more of a structured ground for the child to be sitting on, and then have it fade to the atmospheric background.

  3. really like the way you paint, it makes me feel textures everywhere, so cool.

  4. Everything looks pretty good! My only criticism: The smoke rising in the background seems too bright white. I think distant smoke in daylight is usually darker than the sky.