Friday, October 14, 2011

Zoya Kruse-Wu - Pattern


Sorry this took so long.

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  1. I really like the color choices you're making in your patterns. -- I think that since you're using really nice bright colors in the foreground, they sit nicely on the muted background. I think you did a pretty nice job placing the red spots and the icons. There are a coule spots - right in the middle of the first image , where two of the characters get pretty close together and form a spot that you focus on, but if you were able to move one of the two to the side and open it up a little there, it would solve that problem. I'd also switch the orientation of one of the two vertical yellow discs that are facing the same direction - maybe one of them could be sideways, so it also got rid of the striping there. Over all it's really nice, though! The last thing I could see you adding is some kind of brush texture to a couple of the grey stripes in the coordinate pattern so that it adds a little more interest and brings in a tying element to the organic feeling in your main pattern!

    Can you add the pantone numbers to this, too? Are you having a hard time using flickr? I wish these were bigger so I could see them better!