Friday, October 14, 2011

Hope Finley - Glow Shapes



pen tool, gradient mesh, multiply, outer glow


  1. I like the colors in this and the gentle gradients and shadows :)
    I think you used the mesh tool very well and the shapes are really interesting. It would be kind of cool to see the objects glowing with slightly different tints or colors. maybe yo mix things up a bit.
    If you wanted to play with space even more you could slightly fade the shapes more and more the further back they go.

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  3. Oh, dang these have a really creepy 3D-animation feeling to them!

    I think it would have helped, though, to maybe place a layer of dark transparently over the small blob that I think is meant to be further in the background? also adding some sort of shadow under the blobs to give a sense of ground (unless they are floating?) because right now the space is pretty confusing!

  4. I really like the colors and spacing of your glowy shapes, but I think your composition needs a bit more of an atmosphere, something to reflect the light onto.

  5. I really like this in a strange sort of way. I LOVE the way the yellow and red shape the color is beautiful! I think the intensity of the dull red shape could be increased though.

  6. HOPE HOPE HOPE HOPE HOPE HOPE. This makes me think of plasma, I don't ever see illustrations on plasma. so bueno trabaje!

  7. hahahahha, it is so adorable. Ohh, that little one is so lonely. I think maybe you could play with the background a little bit more~~~

  8. sweet blob things...I like the color and the use of outer glow.

    I would love to see something else in the picture other then just them so give it a foundation.

    nice start!

  9. Hope! for some reason your image is not showing up? Can you repost this and I can give you a full critique! Sorry! I'm getting a weird "photo is currently unavailable" note from Flickr? Do you know what happened?
    I'll check back!