Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sherri Taray - Baby Patterns





  1. These patterns are very cute and baby-friendly. Way-to-go. I kind of feel like they are very strict and could use a little loosening up.

  2. These are completely adorable. I feel as if the black is a bit heavy, though! Perhaps just a darker shade of blue for the music notes? They pop out way too much. I also am not very fond of the brush effect you used for them. Everything else is so soft and they look rough! Maybe use that vintage thing Lindsay showed us today instead?

  3. These icons are absolutely adorable. The colors seem well balanced as well, and your coordinate patterns seem to work nicely with the main. For the main pattern, I'm wondering if there was a different way you could mix/organize the icons so they didn't overlap? Not sure if you'd want to space them out more or rotate them around, but it might be fun to see what else you could do with it. You could space them out and then add in more music note bunches, so they didn't have to be in little singular niches? I really like the subtle texture you added to the notes as well~ Nice work!

  4. I like the color scheme here and the pattern is not to easy to find that's good. To be picky the animal one seems to be a little bit linear if anything I would play with the spacing a bit more on that one

  5. I love the spacing you're setting up in both of your patterns. you've done a great job making it feel like a field of activity in the dance party pattern! I love how you've considered the smaller icons - they fit well in the negative spaces between your creatures! I also think you did a good job with your color spacing. The only place I could see you improving on this is trying to move the elephants around so you don't see the stripe of blue that runs across the pattern - is there a way to offset the blue by moving one of the elephants down near the pig /monkey? I think that might help!

    I could see you doing the coordinate pattern in a smaller scale, too - it seems like ti would be cute for babies at about half that size - maybe OR - if you could bump up the scale of your dancing animals to be larger than the coordinate! I do think your color between both is really nicely balanced as well.
    Maybe the dancing guys could have little black eyes? It might give them a little more personality as if they're interacting with the friends around them!! What do you think?

    I love the color palette and think it works wonderfully with your theme!
    Great job on these!