Friday, October 7, 2011

JakeS pattern

robot pattern

tile and colors

gears and color

gear tile


  1. Cool design! I think the icons look great.

    You might wanna make more of a 'V' shape with some of them, since it's a bit easier for me to tell where this one tiles. Other than that I think your color choice is really nice. Don't forget the pantone # next to the swatches.

    Accompanying pattern looks great too!
    Can't quite tell what the theme is here. Something for a boy. Birthday maybe?

  2. Your icons for this are absolutely fantastic- they're wonderfully rendered! The color scheme is really quite nice as well. I'm not quite sure I like the gradient you have on the one guys eye (since everything else is so sharply shaded/blocked) though that's a small point. The repeat is a bit obvious as well- it's easy to find the squares of the icons. Perhaps try to mix it up a little bit more? Other than that, fantastic work!

  3. I really love these patterns! My qualm, though, is I can't tell what the theme is! Is it just a general boys' pattern?

    I am also uncertain about the space you left out in the complimentary pattern - it either needs to be emphasized and made more intentional or filled!

  4. Ohmahgosh, I love this pattern. You did a great job with the gears, and if you stare at them long enough, it looks like they're moving.... o.O I would like to see a liiiittle bit more color variation in your main pattern. The purple overpowers a bit. Maybe a really light green or something would work better for your main background color.

  5. sweet pattern I like that you have a few main colors and a couple of little red spots to make the lights pop. It looks well balanced.
    The second pattern is nice too more simple witch I like. Plus if you stare at it it looks like the gears are moving....maybe thats just me

  6. Haha. This reminds me of some show that would be on cartoon-network. I like the playful aspect of this. I bet parents could use this as wrapping paper for their son's and I could be giving off hints of whats inside. Bueno.

  7. really nice design! All the designs of icons are really interesting. Making people feel there is a story telling in the pattern

  8. I like all the different designs of robots, the layout of gears in the supporting pattern I think works well too. Maybe experiment with the placement of robots to see what other pattern designs you can do with them. I would have loved this as a wallpaper as a kid, actually I want have it in my room right now

  9. Really nice color choices on this - and fantastic job with your use of the program. It really looks like you have a great handle on creating images in illustrator! I knew you'd be great at this! I like the difference of icons - and the addition of gears as your secondary set of icons. I think they're a nice, more simple addition to your robots.
    I think it could be cool to see how you could add a hit of yellow in some of the other guys, as it only shows up in a couple spots. Maybe you could color a few of the gears yellow or orange i n places where there is none? that would help balance out your color so you don't look at the yellow first? I also think it would be cool for you to stagger some of these guys using the triangle rule, so that they don't make a stripe - it's really easy to tell where your repeat is because of hte big guy, but I think it would be easy to fix! Let me know if you'd like me to show you! You could expand your repeat by two, and then just move around the top right and bottom left icons a little, and it would make a huge difference! KNow what i mean?

    I like how you're sing gears as the secondary pattern. and how you've switched out the colors. I'd love to know what pantones you're using, too! If you can write the numbers down on these I can give you credit for that part, too!

    Great job overall, you should keep going in illustrator. this is a great program for you!