Friday, October 7, 2011

Amanda Ritchie / Patterns


Originally I was aiming for fall, but switched to winter (the elements/colors of fall went into the second pattern, seen below)

This was going to be my secondary pattern, but it ended up being another main pattern~ Just for fun!








  1. I think this looks great finished! Seeing this from the beginning I feel like you really got things to work well :) The icons are really cute and I think they're spaced well. The only icon I /do/ notice is the white one, but it's not a major thing.

    I think the leaf pattern looks really good too. I like how you used the colors different from traditionally.

  2. Awesome! I totally can't see were the squares connect on the one with the kids. The colors are pretty good. They could be a little more pale if you want it to be winter. The second pattern with the swirls is okay but I think you could push it a little more by using a pattern from one of the shirts or something.

    The leaf pattern is nice too but my eye gets stuck on the red flowers. if you moved those apart a little it would be totally sweet.

    Over all nice job!

  3. good job! i can tell you had fun with this project, the colors work nicely and i think i was a good choice to switch to winter. the only thing i would change is the size of you icons in the main pattern, if you added a bit more variety it could look even better! also adding some little things inbetween them would be a great thing as well

  4. I'm always impressed by the visible amount of work you put into your pieces. I love the illustration and the balance is comfortable. The only thing I would suggest is that the background could have a little more texture, something very light. Your patterns are very successful.

  5. I really like your supporting pattern(s?) but I feel like the bean children are a bit weird! The background color is also slightly off-putting. I think you could put some sort of pattern - maybe horizontal stripes - at the back to liven it up a bit! It just feels like it's missing something.

  6. Good job on the character designs really like the girl with the big grin. Wasn't completely sure what the theme was on the firs image but after looking through the others I figured it out not sure if it would work on it's own maybe try some other colors or fill in the spaces with some small secondary icons that could help fix that.
    But other then that I really like your pattern great work.

  7. u probably spent a lot time on the design , they are really nice, but I kind of feeling there is too much black color in the main pattern

  8. I love the main pattern colors. I think your color switch is really nice and rich - it still feels like cold/brisk weather, but with a twist! - you have a great balance of light, medium, and dark tones throughout the main pattern and it really helps the feeling of the pattern as a large even field of texture. I love how you're making sure that the black areas are equally spread about the pattern. The spacing is really nice as well. I like the idea of your smaller pattern, too - it would be cool to twist some of the spirals around so they're not all facing the same way- it could still be a really nice geometric layout!

    I think the bean shapes are funny, but they look a little strange not having any limbs! Almost like they're wrapped up babies! What would happen if you put some cute flourish, or spirals, or some kind of texture beneath them so they didn't end so abruptly? Or, maybe they could have arms? I think it would be worth seeing what would happen!

    Also - the Leaf pattern - I think I already told you this - I love how modern and clean it is. I love the way it's puzzle pieced together, the spacing is really nice as well. If you were toe change anything, I think a different bkgrd color that is a little more sharp would be cool - and maybe some of the small thin leaves could turn another color.

    These are awesome. Nice job :)