Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hope Finley - Coffee and other warm drinks!


The red is a bit off.

Warm drinks!


  1. I reeeeally like this design and I think the accompanying pattern is great.
    It'd be nice to see this tiled.

    Its a bit hard to tell the theme -as far as event goes-
    Gives off the feeling of autumn though.

    Really nice.

  2. The colors are great, but I agree with the comment above. Maybe teabags somewhere in the pattern would make the theme more apparent.

  3. These are really nice. I love how simplistic you've made the icons, while still making them interesting. I'm not quite sure if I like the larger mug that gets smaller towards the bottom (looks strangely like a baby bottle to me, not quite sure why?) I love the little spatterings of coffee beans/seeds/little shrapnel/whatever that stuff is. It works really well as the coordinate pattern as well, though I'd like it if they had even a bit more color-sharing going on? Perhaps if you tied in some yellowish coffee shrapnel to the top as well?

  4. I really enjoy the simplicity of this! Very subdued and quiet. That being said, I'm not certain when people would use this as wrapping? It is definitely a good fall theme, though!

  5. -_- ...This makes me want coffee. lol I like the warmness of the pattern, its very accepting. By that, I mean, I feel like if it were in a store it would pull me in to take a closer look. Good jooooob!

  6. I really like this simplistic approach, I could definitely see this being used as gift wrap for a teacher present or used as scrapbook paper. I really like the calmness that your color choice puts across. I think that maybe using another icon or adding a bit of color to the second pattern would help define what's going on. Standing by itself, I don't know if I would be able to figure out what was going on.

  7. The colors look like they belong in a coffee shop. The light green complements the thin red lines... keeps the red dominant, yet not overly loud. The bottom bit is good too. The light textures remind me of coffee grounds and tea, and the fact that they are so loosely spaced makes the pattern feel dainty and calm, not too cluttered.

  8. I love your color choice on these and your use of linework in the art. It looks really nice, clean and modern. I could see this as fabric, for sure. Your main pattern is fantastic. I love the spacing, the toss and the hierarchy you're setting up between color and form. I think the coordinate is really nice as well, but it sort of competes with the main patter. Maybe it's the spacing? I think you could tighten the spacing some and get it to feel like it's a little different than the other -- or see what happens with some alternate groupings of coffee beans? Right now I focus on the one cluster that is making a similar stripe across the middle. Is this two repeats? It would be cool to see this repeated out four times so I can see how it continues. Can you do that to the top one as well so I can see the full patterns?

    That'd help me see more of the whole flow!
    The presentation is really nice, though - so if you have a chance to show me those full repeats, this'll be perfect!!