Friday, October 14, 2011

Zoya Kruse-Wu - Stareyes


Drop Shadow
Inner glow
Outer glow





  1. I'm suuper in love with all the colors you put into this. Though I really wish it was bigger, so I could see all the little details you put into it! The glow is really believable- especially how the fingers disappear into it!

  2. her hair is great - so much depth and reflection happening. I love how soft the center is around her glowing orb (?), and I kind of wish some of that carried into her hair.

  3. feels very soft and glowy . . . i like it. I like how you have such a volumetic shape throughout the entire image it really pulls it all together. Great colors. How did you get the color to glow through the fingers?

  4. I like the contrast between the glow effects and the sketchy vector shapes. The glow and the colors work realistically while retaining a hand-done illustrative quality.

  5. I like the layering and overall style of this, the orb (whatever it is im not sure cuz of the image size) does a good job of reflecting light off of the character's face. If anything, maybe clean up a bit around the characters right eye and planar analysis on the arm.

  6. Your color choice is always great!The glow is really cool, too. And I really like that you had a small sketch before you stared

  7. This is SUPER nice! It also does not look like traditional use of Illustrator - it's really difficult to tell what made this - so kudos on that! It is completely adorable and I love your lighting and colors and composition and everything!

  8. I really like the idea of this - it is very intimate - - seems like she's guarding a secret. I think the way you're using the light purple hit of light on her hair is really nice - same with the way you're using pink to hit her lip and cheek. It seems like you have some pixelated action happening in a couple areas where it overlaps? is your original sketch under there that needs to be deleted? Mostly in the eyes - It looks less smooth than the rest of the shapes. maybe if it was used somewhere else it wouldn't look as out of place? I also think you could remove the large oval circles? they don't looks as organic as the rest of your piece. it's almost like you're painting with illustrator. I think you're really going to enjoy photoshop! I bet you'll have a lot of fun with that!!