Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sam Aburime: Eve Night

Eve Night

This was fun to work on :)

Last assignment with Illustrator. I feel so much more comfortable with this program now! It's a world of difference.
New things I utilized:

Gradient Mesh (for the sky/Aurora)
Drop shadow
Outer Glow


  1. I love this! The color palette is great, and I LOVE the glow on the leaves!

    Harry Potter ftw!

  2. That sky looks gorgeous, and I really like how you handled your magical glowy swirling leaves. You could maybe darken up your characters just a little bit by pushing the dark part of your gradient up a bit more. Since they're in a dark atmosphere and the only glow is from the tip of the wand and leaves, I think the highlight would be a little bit less intense.

  3. This illustration style screams sam. I can tell it is your piece by the way the characters look. :)

    I love the glow and magic of the leaves and that they glow red. It warms up your cool colored piece and makes the contrast greater. The only things that I will say is that maybe you can put less of a glow on your tree on the right and I am not sure what is behind the left person's head. The brown thing is a little confusing.

  4. You did a great job passing the glow onto their faces from the wand. Kudos

  5. I love the way you're setting up the atmosphere in this - I think the subtle addition of a background is great. The way that you're fading out the trees in the background also gives a lot of depth to your piece without being distracting from the main focus. I could see you putting a couple things in the foreground in front of these guys just to lead us in to the picture.
    I think the way that you're using glows on this is really nice -especially how you're using the light from the magic to cast on their faces, while they have purple shadows at the backs of their heads. It could be cool to see how you would handle this without some of the linework - You have such strong color, I could see you getting rid of a some of it around their hair, and really letting color against color define your shapes. Ialso like how nebulous your glows get aroudn the leaves. there is a lot of motion in the way that you drew them. Really nice use of these.

    the last thing I think you could do is to add a couple bright highlights to their hair so they don't seem to have flat heads - i think the lighting is definitely there, but maybe just try andround out the tops of their heads, or add a couple small hits of light to the tops of their noses to create some volume! Great job otherwise. I think you really got this.

  6. personally, I think you used just the right amount of glow, making it 'magical', but not overdone. the background + glowing leaves are treated really nice as well.

  7. The best part of this for me is the SKY! Its so magical. You really know how to use Ai to make fun images. The whole thing is very nice. I would love to see some other textures or levels in the figures. But over all great job.