Friday, October 28, 2011

Cole Sutton - Locust Plague

Original drawing
Plague - original drawing

Process 1
greyscale releveled
Plague - process 1

Process 2
color and locusts
Plague - process 2

Process 3
additional shading
Plague - process 3

Final (detail)
Plague - detail

Plague - final


  1. I really like the amount of depth in you got in this image. The bugs are super creepy. I like how you changed the color of the line work. It seems very fitting.

    I think you could push the lighting even more to make it more orange and dusk like.

  2. I like the sense of lighting you've gotten here! It's nice! I think that the space is a bit undefined right in the closes part - it looks like you just forgot to crop off a bit of a frame and I'm not certain why it's there? I like the darker aspects of the pole-looking object on the rightm but I can't really read form into it, so that's weird!

    Also, though I like this strange space, because the object in the foreground is farthest from the light, it should be the darkest object! However, you have drawn it as the most blown out part? Which I like visually, but it doesn't really make sense since everything in front of it is much darker!

  3. This works really well for me, content and form. Nice use of shadowing and color. You used the non-black format very well

  4. I can really feel the action in this illustration. As well as, the strangness of the character welcoming the locust. Good job Cole

  5. The perspective on this is absolutely fantastic. You've done a wonderful job of setting the scene- it's very clear where this is taking place, and to an extent, what is happening. It might be fun to see a bit more of this pillar covered in locusts, perhaps even closer so it's really clear as to what these bugs are.

  6. I love the setup of your drawing. I think yuv'e done a great job creating a really cinematic looking piece - particularly because you'vedone a great job framing the piece with a lot of really nice directional elements. I also like that you've spend the time on defining the space so that buildings have some personality. I wonder if there is something you can add to the steps that he's on to make that foreground a little more interesting? It seems liek the one place that doesn't have the same power as the rest? I think it is good, though that you allow the figure some space to stand out. Maybe it's a color shift thing that can happen there?

    I like the stark silhouettes of your locusts, too - that added detail is really nice. What about the line on the side? I can't tell, though if that is supposed toe be a pillar? Or is it a building? It'd be cool if there are some details there to define that as well! Finally, it could be cool to see how you could enhance the color just a tiny bit more to be more staurated in the foreground, and desaturated in the bkgrd. that'd give you so much more depth in the way that the linework looks! Great job.

  7. Nice space! I wish there were just MORE MORE ALL OF THEM MORE!